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Her first best friend was Ino, someone who defended her and encouraged her to be stronger.

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Then I was mewling, trembling in his arms.

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Thankfully, I hadn't seen it until this morning when I'd gotten up.

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All the while, his mouth tattooed kisses along my neck and shoulders.

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I'd been hired to answer phones, check in members, and be the physical Google when people had questions.

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It was another minute before he groaned and reached down, caressing my cheek.

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Back at his place with full bellies, we sat on the couch and watched a classic Christmas movie on TV.

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The complaining voices were almost as bad as the feeling of claustrophobia that started to set in the longer I stood in one place.

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Don't move.

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Big plans to change your destiny?" I tried to suppress my giggle but failed.

"I don't want to.

I'm here for you, no matter what happens.

The next morning, I found cans of chicken noodle soup and clear juice stocked in the kitchen; tissues and pain relievers in the bathroom; and bedding folded on the ottoman.


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